Tom Holland comes second to Chris Evans in this raunchy category according to the internet

Tom Holland was recently voted as the second sexiest man alive, at least in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Holland joined MCU in 2017 while starring as Peter Parker/Spiderman in the latest instalment of the Spiderman franchise. The results for the sexiest MCU actor came from the monthly searches on the internet related to physical attractiveness. According to the data, Chris Evans topped the charts with a combined total of 66,000 global monthly searches, while Holland followed a distant second with 35,000 searches. 

Ironically enough, a popular term that web users have also searched for was the phrase “Chris Evans naked.” It popped up in at least 35,000 web searches. Last year, Evans caused quite a commotion after sharing a nude photo of his erect member with his millions of followers. Although he immediately deleted the image, it drove fans wild. He later addressed the blunder on his Twitter page and urged his fans to vote in the 2020 election. 

In third place, of the sexiest MCU actors, Chris Hemsworth took the slot. The Thor star had 29,600 monthly searches related to his looks, while the phrase “Chris Hemsworth’s body” appeared 17,000 times in the searches. Despite coming in second place, Holland has many things to look forward to. 

His latest film, Spiderman: No Way Home, is set to hit theaters in December. The movie follows Peter Parker/Spiderman as his identity has been revealed to the public. With being unmasked, Parker is no longer able to differentiate his regular life from Spiderman. He then turns to Doctor Strange for help and discovers the real meaning behind being the neighborhood superhero. 

Spiderman: No Way Home is scheduled to be released on Dec. 17.