Tom Holland enjoyed being hit by a car 17 times filming ‘Uncharted’


Being an action hero takes an intense physical toll on any actor, even somebody like Tom Holland, a spring chicken at just 25 years of age who still boasts plenty of blockbuster experience after six outings as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man, never mind his background in dance and gymnastics.

That being said, upcoming video game adaptation Uncharted will mark his first genuine foray into the genre’s more old school territory; in that he doesn’t have the benefit of a stunt double or assistance from the effects team in quite the same way as he does when squeezed into the skintight spandex of the iconic web-slinger, which presents a different sort of challenge.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Holland sounded positively hyped about being hit by a car seventeen times for one stunt in particular, wearing it as a badge of honor showcasing his commitment towards doing justice to console favorite Nathan Drake.

“It’s a pretty cool thing when someone says, ‘How was your day today?’ And I’m like, ‘Hey, I got hit by a car 17 times. And people are like, ‘Wait, what?’ So for me, that was a very proud moment. It’s really, really cool and that would have to be one of the highlights.”

Video game movies are still proving to be hugely inconsistent from both a critical and commercial standpoint, but coming hot on the heels of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Holland’s mere presence should be enough to guarantee a solid opening weekend for Uncharted at the very least. Hopefully, his rigorous vehicular endeavors prove to be worth it in the end.