Tom Holland And Ezra Miller Switch Roles In Epic Marvel/DC Mash-Up Fan Art


The Arrowverse is about to jumble its heroes up in next month’s “Elseworlds” crossover, which will see Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell swapping roles so that the former gets to play the Green Arrow for one time only while the latter temporarily becomes the Flash. That premise has given fan artist Boss Logic a neat idea for a new series of artwork which shows us what it’d be like if the stars of the MCU and the DC movie universe swapped characters.

His latest effort envisions what it’d look like if Marvel’s Tom Holland and DC’s Ezra Miller swapped superhero roles, so the young Brit plays the Flash while the Fantastic Beasts actor is Spider-Man. If you can’t picture what that’d be like, then see Boss Logic’s rendition of it in the gallery below, which also rounds up the rest of his posters in the series – all of which are quite well done, we might add.

Of course, as any fan will know, Spidey and the Scarlet Speedster occupy similar roles in their respective comic book movie universes, as both Peter Parker and Barry Allen are the good-natured newbies joining the team in Captain America: Civil War and Justice League. However, as fun as it is to imagine in the form of fan art, we’re glad the castings happened the way they did. Holland nails the everyboy aspect of the wall-crawler while Miller is the only one who could play his quirky, socially-awkward version of the Flash.

However, there is a big connection between them. Spider-Man: Homecoming writers Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are set to write and direct the upcoming Flash movie and have said that their DC flick will be “grounded and relatable,” So, in other words, very similar to the approach they took with Spider-Man. Miller himself is excited about it, too, promising that it’ll be “crazy dope” when it finally arrives.