Tom Holland’s Feeling The Love From Fan Reactions To Spider-Man: Far From Home


The long-awaited first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home finally dropped today to an ecstatic response, and it seems that actor Tom Holland has witnessed this warm reception and is currently “feeling the love.”

The Spider-Man: Homecoming star took to Instagram with a quick message for the fans, ending his thoughts with a tease of further material on the way:

“Been watching videos, reading comment and all out feeling the love. We make these movies for you guys and I’m so happy that you like our first look. Much more to come”

Though we probably have a few months to wait before the next Far From Home trailer comes out, we’ve already seen and heard a fair amount about Peter Parker’s next solo outing. For one thing, we know that the film will see Holland’s character teaming up with Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio to fight Elementals across Europe under the guidance of Nick Fury. And given the comic book history of Quentin Beck, it feels like a safe bet that Mysterio will be taking a turn for the villainous sooner or later.

As for Peter’s personal life, the new trailer hinted that a romance is finally blossoming between the wall-crawler and one Michelle “MJ” Jones, and the same can apparently be said of Aunt May and Happy Hogan. In fact, going by one shot from the new international trailer, Far From Home could even see Peter’s best friend Ned Leeds pair up with his classmate Betty Brant.

But before we find out where any of these relationships are headed, the question remains of how exactly Peter is here living and breathing after his apparent demise in Avengers: Infinity War. You can expect some answers when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th, 2019, before Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out on July 5th.

Source: Instagram