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Tom Holland Found [SPOILERS] Death In Avengers: Infinity War Heartbreaking

Now that the, ahem, dust is starting to settle from Avengers: Infinity War, it's fair to say that Marvel's historic, epic crossover ended on a rather depressing note.

Now that the, ahem, dust is starting to settle from Avengers: Infinity War, it’s fair to say that Marvel’s historic, epic crossover ended on a rather depressing note.

Having successfully obtained all six Infinity Stones, the Mad Titan was able to carry out the universal genocide he’d been talking about the entire movie. And so, with one snap of his giant, purple fingers, Thanos eviscerated half of all life in the cosmos, leaving only a skeleton crew of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes left to finish the fight in Avengers 4.

But before all that happened, the villain also killed a few other characters, and you could say that those deaths hit even harder. Or at least, for some people they did, such as Tom Holland.

The fan favorite actor made a surprise appearance at Comicpalooza this weekend and explained that due to all the secrecy surrounding Infinity War, he actually went into the film not knowing what would happen. As such, a few of the deaths really caught him off guard, with Holland even describing one of them as “heartbreaking.”

“Yeah, I honestly didn’t really know much at all which is quite fun because, like you guys, I’m a big fan of these movies so being able to go to the theater and enjoy it as a fan because I knew nothing about it was great, you know?” he said. “Tom Hiddleston at the beginning? Heartbreaking. That killed me.”

While it was certainly sad to see Loki go, it’s hard to argue that his death was the most heartbreaking. For one, many believe that he’s not actually dead, given he’s faked his death in the past. But aside from that, I think most would agree that it was actually Tom Holland’s Spidey who had the most devastating death. Particularly because he took longer to turn to dust than most of the other heroes and that scene between him and Iron Man was extremely emotional. Then again, it’s not like Holland’s going to choose his own death as the most heartbreaking, right?

No matter which demise you found the most upsetting, you can rest assured that a lot of these characters will be back for Avengers 4. The events of Infinity War are expected to be reversed thanks to some time travel, meaning it won’t be long before we get to see Peter Parker and the rest of the gang again. Just don’t count on seeing the God of Mischief show up, as despite what people think, we’re pretty sure he’s actually dead this time.

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