Tom Holland Apologizes To His Mom Before Buying A Motorcycle


Tom Holland‘s put in the hard work to bring the MCU’s Spider-Man to life, with many considering his portrayal of the web-slinger the finest to date (I’m still partial to a bit of Tobey Maguire, but Holland’s great). Now, having won the approval of fans worldwide (and broken their hearts with his touching death at the end of Infinity War), he’s entitled to a bit of a reward, which is why he’s buying himself a motorcycle. And, if it has a full tank of gas, it’ll definitely take him far from home (pun fully intended).

The actor revealed the news on his personal Twitter account, saying: “officially buying a motorbike. Sorry mum.” Presumably, Mrs. Holland is fine with him being jerked around on wires during the ongoing filming of Spider-Man: Far From Home, but somewhat less pleased at the idea of her son bombing it around on what’ll presumably be a pretty spiffy ride.

Of course, buying a motorcycle could be a good rehearsal for future Spider-Man movies. You might think a superhero with the power to rapidly swing between buildings and effortlessly ascend into the sky wouldn’t need a motorcycle to get around, but you’d be wrong. Enter the Spider-Cycle! This high tech motorcycle was designed by S.H.I.E.L.D. to augment the hero’s powers, allowing him to travel fast and prevent him from wearing out his arms while swinging around all the time (no, really).

The Spider-Cycle comes loaded with an automated web bridge to allow it to create its own roads between buildings, the ability to drive straight up a wall, rocket boosters and is able to adapt to any environment. It’s absolutely the logical thing for Spider-Man to have and makes perfect sense for the kind of character he is. It definitely isn’t an excuse to sell more toys to kids. No sir.

Presumably, whatever motorbike Tom Holland ends up buying won’t have rocket boosters or web bridges, but I’m sure it’ll be very nice regardless. And you can bet that he’ll be sharing an ample amount of photos of it via social media, so keep your eyes peeled.

Source: Twitter