Tom Holland Says He’s Sure We’ll See Miles Morales In The MCU


Not that fans aren’t enjoying Tom Holland’s teenage take on the one and only Peter Parker in the MCU, but there’s still a lot of interest in seeing his comic book successor Miles Morales turn up in the franchise at some point.

In fact, one person who wants Miles to appear is Holland himself, who was asked about the chances of the character showing up in the MCU during the Avengers: Infinity War press junket. Though he didn’t confirm anything outright, the actor seemed very positive about it happening, saying: “I’m sure we will [see Miles], down the line. It has to happen.”

Also taking part in the interview with him was fellow British Avenger Benedict Cumberbatch, who was clearly clueless about this other version of Spider-Man. As such, Holland took a moment to explain to his co-star why Miles is so “super cool.”

“Miles Morales is another version of Spider-Man, and he is super cool. And he has different powers to Spider-Man, similar powers, and there storylines are intertwined,” he said.

Returning to the question, Holland said that he feels the stage is already set for Miles to arrive and reminded us that Spider-Man: Homecoming hinted that the characters exists in the MCU, via the appearance of his uncle Aaron Davis (Donald Glover):

“I’d love to work with Miles, I think it would be great. We’ve definitely put the building blocks in. There’s been a few teases in the first film.”

Cumberbatch didn’t like the idea of his pal being replaced by another actor so soon, however, and joked that we should let Tom Holland keep hold of the role for a little while longer.

“Give the guy his stage for another few flicks. I want to see where this one goes first. Are we really that impatient? He’s still young!”

The interviewer and Holland were quick to assure Cumberbatch that Miles and Peter have been known to partner up, meaning that Holland wouldn’t necessarily be out of a job if Miles was introduced. “They work together as a team,” Holland explained, before he began discussing something about a “version” of the character before he decided to end it there to avoid revealing spoilers. Knowing how his co-star is famous for being terrible at keeping Marvel’s secrets, Cumberbatch reached over to cover Holland’s mouth just in case.

We’ve no idea what Holland was going to say, but presumably he was going to continue his point about Miles and Peter working together on occasion. And he’s right. Though Miles originally replaced the deceased Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe, he later traveled over to the mainstream Marvel universe (known as Earth-616) and worked with his hero. In particular, in 2012’s Spider-Men and 2017’s Spider-Men II. 

As Cumberbatch says, though, we imagine that Marvel will carry on focusing on Peter as the MCU’s solitary Spider-Man for the next few years before Miles Morales is introduced. That said, the character is getting his own animated film in the shape of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse this December. First up, though, we have Tom Holland’s third appearance as the web-slinger in Avengers: Infinity War to look forward to.

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