Tom Holland Says Marvel Turned Down His Idea For A Spider-Man Sex Scene


MCU superheroes can manipulate the fabric of space, harness vast cosmic energies and perform impossibly strong feats. But there’s one thing they can’t ever do on screen: have sex. Indeed, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a remarkably chaste place over the years, with even characters kissing a relative rarity.

There’s a convincing fan theory that Steve Rogers was a virgin right up until he travelled back in time at the end of Avengers: Endgame as well. All that’s something that Tom Holland wanted to change when he pitched a Spider-Man sex scene to Disney and Marvel Studios, though.

The revelation came in an interview with a British radio station, who posted the clip to mark Holland’s birthday. He explains that he sees his Spidey as a collaboration with the studio and is constantly pitching character moments, ideas and action scenes to the creative team. He says most of them are rejected as terrible, though some have indeed made it into the movies. But when pressed for one of his ideas that didn’t get accepted, he laughed and said the following:

Thing is, Peter Parker is an incredibly attractive teenager in superhuman shape and is currently dating Zendaya’s MJ, so all logic suggests the pair should be at it like rabbits. But I guess the fact that he’s constantly under attack from costumed supervillains, involved in fighting intergalactic tyrants and spent four years as a pile of dust (before being framed for murder) doesn’t leave much time to get busy.

And also, this is Disney we’re talking about. At this point, we’re lucky they even let Spider-Man and MJ kiss at all. Hopefully, Pete and MJ’s relationship will develop and deepen in No Way Home, which we’re overdue a trailer for. Let’s hope we see it soon.