Tom Holland Says There Are Currently No Plans For Spider-Man’s Black Suit In The MCU


Avengers: Infinity War will see Spider-Man get himself a new upgraded suit in the form of the Iron Spider armor, as designed by Tony Stark. While that suit looks awesome and all – even coming with retractable spider-like limbs – the fact that the wall-crawler is getting a new costume so soon into his stint as part of the MCU leaves us with the question of could another one of Spidey’s most famous outfits from the comics turn up as well?

Screen Rant recently quizzed Tom Holland on whether an appearance for Spider-Man’s black suit – which fans will know is actually the symbiote that becomes Venom – is on the cards in the future of the MCU. Unfortunately, the actor was quick to quash the theory, as he revealed that it’s not something that’s ever been discussed “in the Disney studio.”

“The black suit hasn’t even been a discussion. It hasn’t, not in the Disney studio it hasn’t been discussed… Maybe it will be in the future. We don’t know.”

It could be very telling that Holland specifies that he’s never heard the black suit mentioned over at the Disney-owned Marvel Studios. And that’s because Sony, who still sit on the rights to the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel world, are of course working on Venom, the standalone film for Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock. Seeing as how Spider-Man’s usually so important to Venom’s origins, it’s often been theorized that Holland could turn up for a cameo in the movie.

Or, perhaps, the black suit storyline just isn’t something that anyone’s actively interested in at the moment. Homecoming director Jon Watts often spoke about wanting to do things that the previous Spidey movies never did. So, seeing as Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker wore the black suit in 2007’s Spider-Man 3, adapting the story again would go against that aim somewhat.

Though we won’t be seeing the black suit any time soon, Holland was keen to praise the costume that he’ll be wearing in Infinity War, saying that the Iron Spider outfit will be “pretty spectacular.”

“The Iron Spidey suit I can say is pretty spectacular. Actually, the guys who did the CGI on it are amazing. Those artists who actually are the ones who sit in the computers and draw and do the beautiful stuff…they really, really knocked out in the park.”

You can catch Spidey teaming up with the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – including Doctor Strange – when Avengers: Infinity War hits cinemas in five days, on April 27th.

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