Tom Holland on Zendaya and being Spider-Man for the kids

spiderman tom holland

Tom Holland is the man of the hour as the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home sits just ahead on the horizon. Dec. 17 will see our favorite web-slinger put up his most valiant fight yet, and fans aren’t sure they’re prepared for it. No Way Home is the final film that Holland is contracted for, as of now, and knowing that he may be stepping off the mantle isn’t a welcome thought in the minds of Holland’s fans.

Spider-Man is someone Holland plays so naturally; he’s a Peter Parker through and through. It’s been an experience to watch him become the hero over a series of films. For Holland, it’s all part of the journey he’s on—the good and the bad.

In a recent interview with GQ, Holland speaks of his journey through fame. Through conversation, Holland also notes that Zendaya impacts so much of that journey, both in his work and personal life.

 “Having her in my life was so instrumental to my sanity. She is so good at being the role model for young guys and girls. When anyone comes up, like, ‘Can I have a picture?,’ it’s never a bad time. Whereas my initial reaction was: ‘Why are you talking to me? Leave me alone.’ ”

Having fame hit you at such a young age is never easy, so Zendaya’s presence in Holland’s life has been a blessing to him. It impacts not just the moments they work together but also his work in other projects and his time off-camera.

Holland went on to share an experience where Zendaya’s advice really resonated with him. He says that something personal had been going on, and he was in a terrible mood, so when a group of fans approached him, he told them to “get lost.”

That was until it hit him that for these kids—he is Spider-Man, it’s a responsibility that he wears with him always.

“I have to remind myself that being Spider-Man is more of a responsibility than just having a job. There are kids out there who are bullied at school who don’t fit in, and Spider-Man is their fucking go-to guy, you know? And at the moment I’m that guy.”

Knowing that kids look up to him and being able to remember that in moments where life isn’t easy on him is a trait Holland will carry with him forever. It’s an essential trait if he puts on that Spidey suit again after No Way Home, or even if he doesn’t. He’ll always be Spider-Man for those kids, the ones that need a hero.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on Dec. 17.