Tom Holland Reportedly Eyed By Disney For Atlantis Live-Action Remake


It’s no secret that Hollywood star Tom Holland is in hot demand. Since taking up the mantle as Spider-Man in the Marvel cinematic universe Holland has taken on plenty of roles as the main protagonist of highly anticipated film properties and according to a report, Disney is looking to add the star to another of theirs.

Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that their trusted and proven sources have revealed to them Disney is targeting Holland to star in an upcoming live-action Atlantis remake. The animated Disney flick Atlantis: The Lost Empire launched in 2001 and while it wasn’t a huge success for the studio, it would appear that it’s making a comeback.

According to the report, the plan was for Atlantis to spin off into a TV series and accompanying ride at Disney world after its box-office launch, though given its reaction these plans were canceled. Giant Freakin Robot claims that the new live-action reboot of the film was in the works prior to COVID shutdowns in early 2020, and now back in production, all eyes are set on Holland to take on the lead role as Milo Thatch.

There aren’t any further details from the report revealing what the film will look like or if there is any timeframe known for its release. With the studio only looking now to cast their lead role though this remake if proven to be in existence is still quite a long way away. Right now though, nothing of its existence or this casting has been confirmed by Disney.

If you’re a Tom Holland fan, there are plenty of new projects for you to check out in the meantime including the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home and Uncharted films.