Tom Holland Reportedly Pushing For [SPOILERS] To Be In Spider-Man 3


Things were shaky for a while there last year, but Spider-Man is staying in the MCU for the foreseeable future. What this means is that Marvel can continue the trend of having Peter Parker team up with a familiar hero from the franchise in each of his movies. Spider-Man: Homecoming co-starred Iron Man and Far From Home had Nick Fury (well, Talos disguised as Fury), but who’ll join the wall-crawler in Spider-Man 3? Well, apparently, Tom Holland has someone in mind.

As we reported a few months back, the studio was initially playing around with one of Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel appearing in the threequel. However, Cumberbatch’s limited availability ruled him out and the current plan is to hold Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan off until their respective solo projects. This means that the floor is now clear for Holland to vouch for his personal choice: Ant-Man.

We Got This Covered has heard from our sources – the same ones who told us months ago that a Bambi live-action remake was in the works and that Disney is doing National Treasure 3, both of which are now confirmed – that the British star is pushing to get Scott Lang in Spider-Man 3 because he’s a big fan of Paul Rudd. This isn’t a secret, either, as the actor has voiced his wish for the bug-themed Avengers to work together in the past. We saw Peter interact with a wide variety of heroes in Civil War and the last two Avengers films, but somehow he never really got to share any proper amount of screentime with Lang. Clearly this needs to be fixed at some point, then, so why not right away?

To clarify, this is just something Holland wants and Marvel is exploring at this stage and there’s no telling how big a role Ant-Man could have or if it’ll even come together in the end. It is a fact, though, that the actor has a lot of sway with the studio bosses. Famously, he had a line of communication with Disney CEO Bob Iger during the temporary breakdown of the relationship with Sony, with Holland’s opinion being taken into account.

Tell us, though, would you like to see Ant-Man aiding the web-slinger in Spider-Man 3? Sound off in the comments section down below.