Tom Holland Reportedly Wants $20 Million To Re-Sign As Spider-Man


Once Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters in December, Tom Holland will no longer be under contract to play the web-slinger for either Marvel Studios or Sony, even though he’s admitted that he’ll happily stick around for as long as he’s wanted.

The actor signed a six-picture deal when he first landed the role, allowing him to star in three solo movies and a trio of Marvel Cinematic Universe crossovers. Looking at the plans Sony have in store for their own shared mythology, which they recently rebranded with the superhero’s name front and center, Holland’s bargaining power is in a very strong position when he opens talks over a renewal.

After all, MCU fans would reject another recasting of the iconic character, and Sony have put all of their eggs in the Spider-Man basket. We’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Trevor Slattery was returning for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings long before it was confirmed – that Holland reportedly wants $20 million to re-up his deal, and you’d imagine he’ll probably get it.

$20 million for however many films plus profit participation points and box office milestones would make him a very wealthy young man indeed, a far cry from the relatively paltry $250,000 he received for Captain America: Civil War. That being said, his upfront Spider-Man salary jumped to an estimated $5 million for his most recent outings in Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame and No Way Home, so he’s hardly been working for pennies.

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  1. T-rexsays:

    I could never see anyone else playing Spider-Man in the future, so if Tom Holland is returning as the wall-crawler, then I’ll be looking forward to see it happening.

    1. Brandonsays:

      Tom Holland has always been a terrible choice to play Spider-Man. He’s more like Spider boy 😄

      1. I like the actor, but I don’t like him as Spiderman.

      2. Kingratsays:

        He’s supposed to be like 16 so I think that’s the point

      3. Chris Chongsays:

        You are right, no one has better than Tobey Maguire

  2. Venumbsays:

    Tom is without a doubt the best Spiderman and Peter Parker to have ever been in the live action boots, but I think the Disney powered Marvel needs to let him go fully over to Sony, there’s too much of a case of his stories involving being related to the ongoing Avengers universe, while I do love the MCU it restricts how much can be purely focused on Spiderman himself and his own world without it having to connect to the overarching story of being an Avenger, they should resign him to a Sony exclusive trilogy involving their Spiderman character universe and finish it with a live interpretation of Into The Spider-Verse where he signs off on a high note passing the torch onto Miles Morales, Spiderman HAS been an Avenger but he was his own person long before things like that happened an he has an impressively large Villians gallery that is untouched still and a lot of that right now is to do with the fact that his storyline currently have to take the MCU’s ongoing story into account.

    Without being freed of Marvels control we will never see true adaptions of things like when the Carnage symbiote infects multiple people including Miles Morales himself.

    1. Brandonsays:

      Boohoo. Tom Holland is a bad choice to play the Wall Crawler

      1. Grimm23says:

        That’s your opinion, you probably think tiby is the best one.

      2. I agree with you.

      3. Not Brandonsays:

        He fits the age of Spiderman the best, and has that youthful innocence that none of the other actors that played Spiderman had. Tobey Maguire was 26 playing a teenager in Spiderman. Reminded me of the original 90210 cast trying to be high schoolers.

  3. bRo0113says:

    Give it to him. He should get that and a percentage of profits. Hands down the best Spider-Man and the only one I’ve liked. I’m certain I’m not the only female that feels that way.

    1. Brandonsays:

      Of course you would say that being a girl lol. Tom Holland has always been a terrible choice to play Spider-Man. He’s more like Spider boy 😄

      1. Coalsays:

        You do realize he was a 14 year old when first bitten. Until Amazing Spiderman 300 when he married MJ, they were 19.

      2. Cœrsays:

        Why are you under comments that praise him? Let other people have their opinion, you don’t need to degrade it.

      3. Maddisays:

        Of course you say that, being a fat, sweaty nerd.

  4. Ricksays:

    This is absolute horse shit, Tom has literally said many many times that if they just asked, he would return and he’s been saying for years he would happily do this role for free

    1. Jaysays:

      Yeah but that’s not really how it works. He has leverage and now is the time to use it. Its called business.

      1. Brandonsays:

        Book no not Tom Holland they need a more mature Spider-Man

    2. Crazi8says:

      This is preposterous,20 million. I actually like T as spiderman. But that price tag is a little far fetched. Be realistic, he does need payed but not that kind of money. If he won’t bud, give him the boot and hire someone else

      1. Anticssays:

        Scarlett got 50 mil for black widow. Really not too much to ask when you compare it

      2. NorGinsays:

        you realise how much the studio earns from the films right? Far from Home earned over a billion… and you think he shouldn’t get 20 mil????

  5. Anticssays:

    If Scarlett can get 50mil for black widow then 20mil really isnt too much to ask

    1. Backcountry164says:

      According to Disney she only got 20 mil. That’s why she’s suing.
      Regardless, her contract was pre covid. Those days are over. Movies aren’t even making half of what they would have expected to do a couple years ago.

  6. They took 2 giant steps back when they change the uniforms ability to where practically anyone concievably could be spidiron-man and I believe they took Peter Parker's own built in initiative away from his character.says:


    1. Tom best spiderman ever and will be he's British and he's done more films been spiderman than any of the otherssays:


  7. Maddisays:

    That Brandon guy is a joke lmao. Tom is the best

  8. Maddisays:

    That Brandon guy is a joke lmao. Tom is the best Spider-Man

  9. Backcountry164says:

    Massive Hollywood contracts are on the way out if the measure of a successful movie is going to continue with new low standard. Aside for that fact, he understands that Spiderman has been rebooted so many times at this point that they worked it into the storyline right?? By a wide margin the most easily replaced actor in the MCU.

  10. Mikesays:

    They’re just going to replace him with African-American anyways it’s writing on the wall it sucks

  11. Glitchsays:

    Give him another chance to redeem him self guys stop hateing on him he is pretty good if it doesn’t work then there will be a new one but Tom keep up the good work if your out there reading this btw I follow u on insta

  12. No one cares about Camper's Opinionsays:

    Tom plays both Peter and Spidey well, but lets be real here… his AGENT wants 20 million

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