Tom Holland Says Thanos Is Responsible For [SPOILERS] In Spider-Man: Far From Home


From the looks of it, Mysterio won’t be the supervillain he is in the comics in Spider-Man: Far From Home, as Jake Gyllenhaal’s Quentin Beck will at least start out as a hero working alongside Spidey to defeat the monstrous Elementals that are plaguing Europe. Other than that they recall third-tier foes like Hydro-Man and Molten Man though, not much has been revealed about these critters in the trailers. But Tom Holland has now let something big slip.

Yes, the only person who can rival Mark Ruffalo as the MCU’s greatest leaky faucet is up to his old tricks again. While attending a Far From Home event in Bali, Holland spoke about the Elementals and their origins, explaining that they came to Earth-616 following a dimensional tear caused by Thanos’ actions in Avengers: Infinity War

“Mysterio is my new best friend in the movie,” Holland says. “We fight together to fight these creatures… because when Thanos snaps his fingers, these creatures come from other dimensions…” Someone then shouts “SPOILER!” from the crowd, causing everyone to get excited and nervous that the star let out something he probably shouldn’t have.

See for yourselves in the video below:

At least this isn’t too shocking. The second FFH trailer revealed that Mysterio himself came from another world due to Thanos’ Snap, so we could’ve worked out that the Elementals arrived via the same method. This does seemingly confirm, though, that Beck was telling the truth and the sequel genuinely will open up the doors to the MCU multiverse. After all, given Mysterio’s untrustworthy nature, we weren’t sure whether to believe him before now.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is out in cinemas in less than a month, on July 2nd, and at that point, Tom Holland will finally be able to rest easy that he can’t spoil anything else. At least, until they make Spider-Man 3.