Tom Holland Snaps A Spectacular Selfie On Spider-Man: Homecoming Set

Spider-Man: Homecoming has wrapped filming in Marvel Studios’ new home of Pinewood Atlanta, and the reboot is now shooting in New York City. As a result, set photos continue finding their way online, and Tom Holland is still the focus of them.

The latest batch feature the wall-crawler hanging around on top of a building, though Holland took some time to unmask and snap a selfie of himself as well. Whether or not that’s going to end up being in the movie isn’t clear, but no one can blame the 20 year old actor for wanting to take a photo of himself in the Spider-Man costume with the Big Apple in the background.

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The fact that a large chunk of Spider-Man: Homecoming is being shot in New York promises to lend the movie a sense of authenticity, as some fans worried that the reboot wouldn’t feel like the hero’s classic adventures because so much of it was shot in Atlanta. It’s interesting though that we still haven’t seen any sign of The Vulture or other supporting characters. Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t done shooting yet so that could still happen, but Marvel probably wants to keep them under wraps until the film hits theatres, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

With the reboot set to be released next July though, here’s hoping something official from Spider-Man: Homecoming finds its way online sooner rather than later.