Tom Holland Says Sony Has A Plan To Remove Spider-Man From The MCU


Spider-Man was a victim of the Blip that saw him wiped out of reality for five years in Avengers: Endgame, but there was a similar real-life blip that occurred last summer as well when it looked like the wall-crawler was going to be permanently removed from the MCU. As it happened though, Disney and Sony came to a new agreement, one that appears to be stronger than before. However, at present, the only future Spidey movie definitely taking place in the MCU is Spider-Man 3.

It feels like Peter Parker will remain in the MCU past that, but if he doesn’t, Sony already has a plan of action waiting to go. Tom Holland revealed in an interview with MTV International that the studio concocted a “really, really wonderful” idea about how to continue the web-slinger’s storyline outside of the Marvel universe back when it looked like things weren’t going to be worked out between the two studios.

“[The] future for Spider-Man was still very bright with Sony and we had a really, really wonderful idea how we could sort of transition into a Spider-Man without the MCU and Tom Rothman and Amy Pascal were really confidant that they were gonna do justice and make a film of the calibre that Spider-Man requires.”

Presumably, part of this idea was for Holland to be pulled out of the MCU and into the alternate universe of the Sony Marvel movies. If that was the case, then it seems part of that concept has survived. Thanks to the new Disney/Sony deal, the latter’s films are now referencing the MCU, with the Morbius trailer featuring a cameo from Michael Keaton’s Vulture. This now confirms that the two franchises are part of the same world. Despite those Tobey Maguire easter eggs.

We’re all expecting Spider-Man himself to show up in the Sony universe somewhere along the line as well, likely to face off against Tom Hardy’s Venom or as part of a Sinister Six team-up project. The next time Peter is scheduled to swing into cinemas, though, is Spider-Man 3, due out in July 2021.

Source: MTV