Tom Holland On Venom In The MCU: It’s Never Happening

Round and round we go, with both Sony and Marvel continuing to confuse fans as to whether or not Venom is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though Spider-Man was lent to the House of Ideas for use in their films, most of his supporting characters weren’t part of the deal. As such, it’s been widely assumed that Venom, Silver Sable, Black Cat and the rest will make up a separate Marvel universe over at Sony.

That’s something which folks like Kevin Feige and Jon Watts re-iterated as well, many times. So, all was clear and it seemed like fans could rest easy, with their questions finally being answered. But then Sony’s Amy Pascal came along and blew the whole thing wide open again, stating that Venom is, in fact, in the same universe as Spider-Man. Admittedly, her wording was a bit confusing, but the internet widely interpreted it as confirmation that the antihero was in the MCU.

Now, just when you think that the case has been settled again, in comes Marvel to send us for another loop. Earlier today, Kevin Feige said that Venom will not be in their cinematic universe and now, Tom Holland has followed that up to offer even more confirmation on the matter.

While speaking with to promote Homecoming, the young actor was asked if we can expect to see Venom show up in a future Spider-Man film, and his answer was very clear:

“Everyone’s asking this question, man. It’s never happening,”

No room for speculation or misinterpretation there, right? Of course, this doesn’t mean that the reverse won’t happen, that being Peter Parker stopping by one of the movies in Sony’s Marvel universe. It simply means that Eddie Brock won’t be making his way into the MCU, as previously thought. Then again, who really knows at this point?

I mean, the whole thing’s been going around in circles for weeks now and no one really seems to have a firm answer on the matter. Honestly, it wouldn’t even surprise us to hear from someone else tomorrow saying that the two universes are connected after all.

At this point, Sony and Marvel really just need to get on the same page and clear things up with the fans, as this confusion is only leading to frustration and it’s producing a lot of negative energy, which is building around the Venom film. With Homecoming unlikely to give us any further hints as to what’s going on here, we may have to wait a while to find out what exactly the plan is. Let’s just hope the two studios can figure this all out sooner rather than later, as it’s really getting to be a bit annoying, don’t you think?