Tom Holland Wants Spider-Girl In Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel


With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 now out of the way, and doing gangbusters at the box office, Marvel is starting to shift the focus to their next effort. That just so happens to be Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is definitely a big deal for the studio. It represents the iconic hero’s first solo outing in the MCU and after his stunning debut in Captain America: Civil War, excitement is definitely high to see how the reboot performs.

In fact, chatter of a sequel has already cropped up, and though a second film receiving the green light will ultimately hinge on those all important box office numbers, it seems like more or less a lock at this point. And that’s certainly a good thing. After all, now that Peter Parker is back in the MCU and under Marvel’s creative control, there are a lot of interesting directions that the character could head in. While we obviously don’t know what lies ahead for Spidey just yet, star Tom Holland definitely has some ideas of his own for what he’d like to see down the road.

During a recent interview with Brazilian entertainment site CinePOP, the actor was asked which villains he’d like to have show up in the sequel, should there be one. While he did name some obvious choices (Mysterio, Kraven), he also mentioned that he’d like to see the wall-crawler fight Spider-Girl.

There’s so many good villains, I really like Mysterio, I like Kraven. I really like the clone saga. I think it could be really cool if Peter, or Spider-Man has to fight people with the same powers as him. Spiderwoman’s super cool… I think she’s called Spider-Girl who is his clone. They kind of like hit it off and they take their masks off and they’re like… [shocked look] What the hell! They’re like the same person, but she’s just a girl. I think that’s really cool.

Holland makes some pretty good points here, and we definitely agree with him in that having someone like Spider-Girl feature in the sequel could be a lot of fun. Then again, Kraven is another villain that audiences have been dying to see on the big screen for some time now. As fans will know, Spidey’s got a fantastic rogues gallery that’s full of solid antagonists and the producers certainly won’t be struggling to find a worthy opponent for the hero to square off against should a sequel end up materializing.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, all eyes are fixed firmly on Spider-Man: Homecoming, which scurries into theaters on July 7th. It won’t be the last Marvel movie to arrive this year, either, as the studio also has Thor: Ragnarok on their slate. Look for that one to land on November 3rd.