Tom Holland wants to see a low budget Peter Parker movie without Spider-Man

Having made six appearances as Spider-Man, with plenty more to come in the future, Tom Holland is now in a position where he has a great deal of creative input on the direction of the character.

That was made perfectly clear when he revealed he spoke to director Jon Watts and the writing team to have the ending of No Way Home changed because it wasn’t working for him, and he’s already been pitching Sony with ideas for his fourth solo outing under the spandex.

However, in a recent interview with Fandom, the actor revealed that he’d love to see a low budget film starring Peter Parker that followed the character’s daily trials and tribulations, one that wouldn’t even feature his web-slinging alter ego at all.

“I’d love to make a film about Peter Parker that has nothing to do with Spider-Man. Like, make a £4 million indie movie about Peter Parker. I don’t know. They’d never do that. But it would be fun.”

While Sony and Marvel Studios obviously wouldn’t throw away potential billions in box office dollars just to make Spider-Man‘s alias the star of an independent drama, you can’t deny that it’d be something genuinely fascinating to see.

After all, Peter Parker is one of the most relatable and down-to-earth protagonists in the history of comic books, and he’s always got plenty going on in his personal life that doesn’t involve him suiting up and saving the world.