Tom Holland was punched by this Marvel actor

Tom Holland Spider-Man
Image via Sony

Actors are known for taking things to the extreme and often putting their bodies on the line in order to achieve the most authentic performance possible. Tom Holland is no different and has revealed that a fellow Marvel actor literally hit him in the face in order to get the perfect shot.

Holland made a recent appearance on the Youtube channel First We Feast for the Season 16 finale of their series Hot Ones, where he told the story of his experience on the set for Pilgrimage where co-star Jon Bernthal hit Holland in the face in order for his reaction to look as real as possible.

“If you’re doing a scene that requires like real stress, I find it quite helpful if someone kind of roughs me up a little bit and I said to Jon…before the scene could you just rough me up a little bit and just scare me a little bit please and he was like nah man I don’t want to do that, like you’re my little brother I love you man, I don’t want to do that. I was like ok…and they went action and he went WACK…and it was great and it worked so well for the scene but he just didn’t want me to know it was coming but he properly cracked me one.”

The trust and connection between the two had to have been incredibly tight in order to successfully pull this off without anyone getting mad at the other. Holland then went on to say that he looks back at the experience very fondly and he would love to work with Bernthal again.

Bernthal is best known for his lead role as Frank Castle in Marvel’s The Punisher series which ran for two seasons but has since been canceled by Netflix. To see Bernthal return as The Punisher opposite Holland’s Spider-Man would grant Holland his wish to work together again and we are sure fans would be excited to see Bernthal reprise his role as well.

With Tom Holland committing so completely to his roles he will be sure to wow audiences in his upcoming film Spider-Man: No Way Home which is set to hit cinemas next week.