Tommy Lee Jones, Alec Baldwin And Milla Jovovich May Board Rob Reiner’s Shock And Awe


Rob Reiner is assembling quite the cast for his upcoming Iraq war film Shock and Awe. Already set to star James Marsden and Woody Harrelson, Deadline is reporting this morning that Tommy Lee Jones, Alec Baldwin and Milla Jovovich are also in talks to board the politically-charged project.

Written by Joey Hartstone, the movie will focus on a “group of journalists who asked the tough questions about Saddam Hussein’s alleged WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction), which was the way the Bush administration sold the Iraq War to the American public and around the world in 2003.”

Reiner’s been developing the project for a while now and if all goes according to plan, it will likely head into production by the end of the year, with Matthew George and Michele Reiner joining the director as producers on the film.

In terms of the casting, it’s still too early to say who will be playing which roles, but this is certainly a strong roster of talent and one that could no doubt bring this compelling story to the big screen with aplomb. It’s still very early days, but already we’ve marked Shock and Awe as a film that we daren’t take our eye off of as it barrels towards its start date.

Source: Deadline