Toni Erdmann Remake Gathers Pace, Taps Jack Nicholson And Kristen Wiig To Star


For the first time in almost a decade, Jack Nicholson has landed a major role in a Hollywood feature. Its name? Toni Erdmann, Paramount’s English-language of Maren Ade’s adorned dramedy about one woman’s struggles to reconnect with her estranged father.

News that Jack Nicholson has come attached to headline the feature film is exciting in and of itself – at 80 years young, reports began to swirl that the illustrious actor was ready to call time on his Hollywood career – but Variety has uncovered another intriguing tidbit: Kristen Wiig, star of Bridesmaids and last year’s Ghostbusters redo, has now climbed on board to star alongside Nicholson.

First released in Europe last summer, Toni Erdmann is considered among the very best films of 2016, and after landing nominations for Best Foreign Film at both the Golden Globes, where it ultimately lucked out to Elle, and this month’s Academy Awards, it’s small wonder why Paramount is keen to fire up production on a Hollywood remake. Adam McKay (Step Brothers, The Big Short) will shepherd the project as producer, alongside longtime partner Will Ferrell, while we understand Wiig also holds an executive producing credit on the remake. Crucially, Paramount has also secured the services of Maren Ade, the original writer-director behind Toni Erdmann. She’ll also produce, which ought to ensure the fierce originality of her Oscar-nominee isn’t lost in translation.

Still no mention of a director and/or writer to guide the English-language redo of Toni Erdmann into development, but with Jack Nicholson and now Kristen Wiig’s name attached to the masthead, we imagine it won’t be too much longer before Paramount recruits the necessary personnel.

Source: Variety