Jane Levy And Lucas Till Join Monster Trucks Movie

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Just when we were all feeling warm and fuzzy about a clever film designed to sell toys, Hollywood has to go and ruin it all for us by beating a good thing to death. The success of The LEGO Movie apparently means that we can expect a sudden rush of toy-themed films, beginning with Tonka’s Monster Trucks from Paramount.

Monster Trucks has been in development since last summer, but now, in light of The LEGO Movie‘s success, things are really getting going on the heart-warming tale of trucks that smash each other into bits. Director Chris Wedge of Ice Age fame is already attached, and now we’ve learned that actors Jane Levy (Suburgatory) and Lucas Till (X-Men: First Class) have both signed on to voice the lead characters. Although no real plot details have been revealed, we do know that Till will play the “bad boy with a good heart” and Levy a “Tina Fey-esque” high school girl.

While we might blame The LEGO Movie for Monster Trucks, we should remember that toys have served as inspiration for major Hollywood studios for some time now. The Transformers franchise immediately springs to mind, as does BattleshipClue, and G.I. Joe; not to mention, of course, the massive number of direct-to-DVD films featuring the likes of Barbie and My Little Pony. It’s not really a surprise that Hollywood has decided to capitalize on a marketing gold mine like Monster Trucks. Sadly, I suppose this means we can expect a PlayMobile film in the not too distant future.

The central difference between Monster Trucks and Transformers may be whether the property can conjure up fond memories in the minds of older moviegoers. The LEGO Movie has done so well partially because the adults are as excited about it as the kids. The theatre I went to see it in had a pretty even split between twenty-somethings and small children. I am just not convinced that Monster Trucks will have the same nostalgic potential.

Production will begin on Monster Trucks this summer, which means that we can expect the film in the spring of 2015. Let us know what you think about the idea in the comments section.

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