13 New Horror Movies And TV Shows Are Arriving In January

Wrong Turn

January is often considered a poor month for new releases, but there are still plenty of incoming chills to keep you company through the winter. And below, we’ll pick out some of the highlights for you to keep an eye on.

First up, thriller series Insomnia (which is now available) sees a group of strangers injected with a fatal drug where sleep means death, and must hunt each other down while wealthy spectators bet on the winner, and 30 Coins (also already released) has an exiled exorcist uncover a conspiracy involving the titular Roman currency paid to Judas Iscariot for his betrayal of Jesus, cursed as supernatural WMDs.

Elsewhere, The Devil’s Light (January 8th) sees the Vatican open exorcism schools to combat rising demonic possessions, and a nun barred from tutoring seeks alternative means to gain the knowledge, and Horizon Line (January 12th) follows a separated couple travelling to a wedding on a private island, when their pilot suffers a heart attack and they must frantically improvise to survive.

Then there’s anthology series Two-Sentence Horror Stories (January 12th) returning for a second season, expanding more of the titular online micro-shorts, and documentary Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (January 13th) will look to retell the crimes of murderer and rapist Richard Ramirez, and his eventual capture.

Meanwhile, Hunted (January 14th) sees an abducted woman escape her would-be killers, and is aided by the forces of the woods themselves in taking revenge, and Don’t Tell a Soul (January 15th) finds the relationship of two teenage brothers deteriorate into distrust after undertaking a minor heist and the pursuing security guard becomes trapped down a well.

Over on Apple TV+, the new season of Servant (January 15th), where a couple overcoming the death of their baby hire a nanny for their reborn doll, will reveal more about the sinister young woman. And given how excellent the first run was, expectations are high for the new episodes.

Of course, we’re also getting Psycho Goreman this month (January 22nd), which follows a pair of young siblings who discover an imprisoned megalomaniac alien and the gem that controls him, first using him for fun, then battle after intergalactic assassins come searching for the resurrected menace. And there’s the reboot of the Wrong Turn franchise (January 26th) as well, which finds a group of hiking friends stumbling across a hidden mountain community who take violent exception to outsiders.

Finally, in The Queen of Black Magic (January 28th), a family visiting the orphanage where the father was raised encounter a supernatural entity that wants vengeance, while The Night (January 29th) involves a married couple staying in a hotel who experience insidious encounters that force them to face hidden secrets.

Tell us, though, which horror titles will you be checking out this month? As always, let us know down below.