Robert Downey Jr. Almost Had A Voice Cameo In Spider-Man: Far From Home

Iron Man

This will surely evoke mixed emotions among fans, but we almost had a Tony Stark cameo in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Granted, it would have likely only been his voice, but it would have been new, instead of recycled footage or audio bits.

In a recent talk with the guys over at THR, FFH screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommars spoke about a number of Spidey-related things, including the possibility of getting a Stark cameo in the latest Spider-Man adventure.

“I think if anything, it was always going to be re-used footage,” they said. “We had talked about possibly hearing Tony’s voice through EDITH at one point, but I think a little goes a long way and we didn’t want to lean too hard.”

As a huge Iron Man fan, I’m a little torn on that one. One on hand, you get to see the guy again. On the other, you keep the tone of the movie, which is partly about the loss of a hero.

“He is so beloved and we definitely talked about so many things, but at at some point it’s about the absence of a person and about the loss of that person. If you show that person and that person has such a presence, does it fight trying to portray the loss?”

In the film, we not only see Spider-Man fighting the Elementals; he also grapples with his grief over the loss of his mentor. To have Tony appear too much would probably negate that a bit.

And it’s not like we didn’t get ANY Iron Man/Tony Stark scenes. In the flashbacks explaining Quentin Beck‘s backstory and his disdain for the hero, we saw him. And who didn’t like hearing him explain B.A.R.F. again, the nickname he gave Beck’s holographic tech? Also, how about when that zombie Iron Man illusion came after Spider-Man? This writer just about came out of his seat and yelled when he saw that. Holy comic book flashbacks, Batman!

Tell us, though, would you have liked to see more post-mortem appearances from Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Far From Home? Sound off down below and let us know.