Tony Todd And Tobin Bell Teaming Up For New Alien Invasion

Jigsaw Saw

They’re two of the biggest horror icons around, and now Tony Todd and Tobin Bell are coming together to lead the cast of an upcoming sci-fi/horror movie. Titled The Bunker, the project is currently filming in Los Angeles, with Chelsea Edmundson (Thunder Road) joining Todd and Bell in the production, which comes from director Brian Hanson (The Black String), who also co-wrote the script with Charles Bunce.

As per Deadline, The Bunker is “set during a mysterious alien invasion. A government scientist (Edmundson) is sealed in an underground bunker and must create a bio-weapon to stop the mysterious travelers before they take over Earth.” That’s all we’ve got to go on in terms of plot, but it’s certainly enough to get us excited.

Of course, Bell is most known for playing John Kramer AKA the Jigsaw Killer in the Saw franchise, debuting in the role in the 2004 original and then last appearing in 2017’s Jigsaw. The latest entry in the saga, Spiral: From The Book of Saw, is the first one not to feature Bell as Kramer.


Todd, meanwhile, is famous for not one but two legendary horror roles. He played the title character in the Candyman movies throughout the 90s and then showed up as Bludworth in the Final Destination series. Todd will reprise his original horror role in the upcoming Candyman remake, while a sixth Final Destination is also in the works. Both Todd and Bell are incredibly prolific in the industry and between them, the pair have over 350 acting credits to their names.

Tony Todd and Tobin Bell have also featured in the same franchise before, as they voiced evil speedsters on The CW’s The Flash. Todd portrayed Zoom in season 2, with Bell playing Savitar in the following run. Their two villains never interacted, however, so The Bunker marks the first time the pair will work together on screen, which means it’s definitely one for horror lovers to keep an eye on.