Tony Vows To Finish The Fight In New Avengers: Endgame Promo


With less than two weeks to go now until the release of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel is really starting to ramp up the promotion and today, they’ve released a short new promo hyping up the sure to be epic Phase 3 finale.

Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have a whole lot to offer in the way of fresh footage – or even in the way of footage at all, given how short it is – but it’s still a fun little teaser that sees Tony Stark taking charge and telling the team, “we gotta finish this.” With “this” referring to their fight against Thanos, which is carrying over from Infinity War.

Again, it’s far from the meatiest promo, but it’s a nice reminder that we’ve now got less than two weeks until what’ll undoubtedly be the biggest movie of 2019 lands in theaters. And how exciting is that?

As fans will no doubt know, this teaser arrives after what’s been a pretty busy few days for Endgame promotion. At the start of the week, we got the film’s first clip, followed by some new Entertainment Weekly covers and various talk show appearances that brought us a few interesting nuggets of information. Not to mention that Disney investors also got to lay eyes on some never before seen footage from the Avengers: Infinity War sequel the other day, which reportedly put the spotlight on Nebula.

In case you couldn’t tell, it’s clear that the hype train is moving ahead at full speed for Avengers: Endgame, and with Fandango recently revealing that the sequel had already outsold Infinity War by a ratio of 5:1 in its first week, and also beat the first week record held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it’s pretty clear that Marvel has another $2 billion dollar baby on its hands and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves later this month.