Another Total Recall Remake Now In Early Development


The remakes just keep on coming! Nearly thirty years after the science fiction action film wowed audiences back in 1990, Total Recall is now in the early stages of getting yet another reboot. According to a document that We Got This Covered managed to get our hands on, there are currently tons of old movies that are about to be remade for a new generation of viewers and those who loved the original of the 2012 reimagining will be happy to hear that this flick is on the list.

Total Recall revolves around a construction worker who suddenly finds himself caught up in espionage on Mars. He’s unable to distinguish fantasy from reality, which leads him to question his own sanity and everyone around him. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the protagonist along with Rachel Ticotin, Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox and Michael Ironside. The plot is loosely based on the Philip K. Dick short story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.”

With a budget of somewhere between $50 to $65 million, Total Recall was one of the most expensive films made at the time of its release. All of the spending absolutely ended up being worth it in the end, too, as the movie went on to make over a quarter of a billion dollars at the box office and launched an entire franchise that includes a novelization, video game, television series, comic books and more.

A remake of the flick was made in 2012 starring Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, Bokeem Woodbine, John Cho and Bill Nighy. It received mostly negative reviews from critics and fans alike, which is why another reboot less than a decade later isn’t out of the question.

Details are still fuzzy about this feature, as it’s only in the very early stages of development, but fans should definitely be excited about another iteration of this awesome story and as soon as we learn more about the new Total Recall, we’ll be sure to let you know.