Tracy Spiridakos To Star Alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers In Romantic Comedy Byrd And The Bees

spiridakos tracy

Though NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama series Revolution may be dead in the ground after two terrible seasons, lead actress Tracy Spiridakos is moving on to bigger and better things, with news that she’s won the title role in romantic comedy Byrd and the Bees, in which she’ll star alongside The Tudors actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Spiridakos is set to play Rebecca Byrd, a young woman who jets off to Scotland in hopes of locating her biological father. Rebecca winds up falling for a guy she meets along the way. The indie romantic comedy will be directed by Finola Hughes from a script by Christine Fry, both of whom previously collaborated on romantic indie The Bet.

Revolution‘s writing was often dismal, and that’s putting it nicely, but Spiridakos’ spirited work as protagonist Charlie Matheson, who begins the series looking for her kidnapped brother and ends up embroiled in a deadly war between militarized nations, won her many fans, as well as a Saturn Award nomination for Best Actress on Television. Watching Spiridakos put down her weapons for a lower-key role should be quite enjoyable. Additionally, Byrd and the Bees will serve as Spiridakos’ first leading role in a romantic comedy. If she does strong work in this movie, the beautiful young actress could be looking at a long career in similar fare.

It’s worth noting that Spiridakos isn’t the only one in Byrd and the Bees mourning the death of her show. Rhys Meyers starred in Dracula, also on NBC, this past fall. After one low-rated first season, network execs put a stake through its heart. Considering that NBC was counting on Rhys Meyers to be the main draw for audiences, the actor is probably still smarting a little at Dracula‘s swift death.

Byrd and the Bees will begin rolling cameras on location in Scotland this September, which means it will probably hit theaters sometime in 2015.

Source: TheWrap