Watch The Nutty New Trailer For The Alec Baldwin-Starring Sci-Fi Thriller Andròn


Have you ever wanted The Hunger Games and Maze Runner movies to keep their life-and-death stakes, but star older actors? Well, lucky for you, the upcoming sci-fi action flick Andròn details a future where a group of non-adolescents are forced to fight to death in a maze, and Alec Baldwin is the requisite big name actor there for a nefarious purpose.

In all honesty, not much of Andron looks entirely original, but there are some pretty bonkers moments in the two-minute trailer, including some kind of rainbow-easter-egg android, Alec Baldwin doing his best Minority Report impression, and what looks like a sequence of San Andreas-level destruction. It’s safe to say that the game the group of people find themselves in has some pretty big stakes.

Here’s an official synopsis:

They don’t remember how they got there. They don’t even remember their names. A group of unknown prisoners trapped in a mysterious and deadly maze. They will have to find answers, to decipher the signs, understand the codes and they have to face a dangerous journey to discover the secret of ANDRÒN.

The studio gave no hint as to a release date for the sci-fi film, but for now, check out the trailer above and let us know what you think.

Source: Indiewire