First Trailer For Amazon’s Transparent Has Us Excited


If you haven’t heard of Transparent yet, I don’t blame you. Despite the pilot episode being available online to watch since February, Amazon’s newest original series has somehow managed to fly under the radar. I’m not sure why that is, either.

For one, Transparent stars Jeffrey Tambor. That alone should be reason enough to check it out. Then, there’s the fact that the series comes to us courtesy of Jill Soloway, who walked away with the Directing Award in the U.S. dramatic category at Sundance for her film Afternoon Delight. Most importantly, however, is that early reviews have all been extremely positive and the show is surely but steadily building some very strong word of mouth.

Today, in hopes of perhaps gaining some more publicity before its premiere next month, Amazon released the first trailer for their new series, and it does a great job of introducing audiences to the world of Transparent. We get an overview of the basic premise and a taste of the show’s humor, which all seems to land. We also get a feel for the more grounded approach to the subject matter that the writers seem to be taking and of course, there’s also some fantastic work from Jeffrey Tambor on display here, indicating that he may very well end up with a few awards for his performance.

Amazon will release the entire first season of Transparent on September 26th, but you can check out the pilot episode right now for free by heading over to their website.