New Trailer Arrives For Noah Baumbach’s While We’re Young


Noah Baumbach has carved out a successful slate of features exploring a variety of demographics. From The Squid And The Whale‘s dysfunctional family dynamic to Frances Ha‘s directionless-yet-awesome protagonist, the director has tackled his fair share of neuroses. With his latest offering, comedy drama While We’re Young, his sights are set on investigating an entirely new type of character.

The film stars Naomi Watts and Ben Stiller, a happily-married couple each in their forties. Having made peace with the prospect of a childless future, the pair broaden their horizons when they befriend a much younger couple – played by Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver. And therein begins the next stage in their life as Watts and Stiller commence with a series of pratfalls during their attempts at impressing their youthful companions.

Last fall we saw the first teaser, which set up the premise nicely while offering both leads a solid amount of one-liners. With the advent of this latest trailer, that clocks in a little later, it looks to be as quirky and bemusing as Baumbach’s previous efforts.

The film initially bowed at last year’s TIFF, where our own Zachary Shevich gave it this intriguing summary in his review:

Baumbach’s film becomes dramatically flimsy as the plot becomes more incestual, but its observations on taking on responsibility as an adult, as well as its reflections on millennials, are compelling. Even when the film follows familiar paths, While We’re Young is consistently funny, and engaging in (at times) unfortunately relatable ways.

While We’re Young will open in a limited release on March 27, before rolling out to more theaters in April.

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