First Trailer For Breathe In Starring Guy Pearce And Felicity Jones


For his last film, director Drake Doremus put himself firmly on the indie map with his Sundance hit Like Crazy. Now, it seems like he’s hoping to repeat that success with his follow up Breathe In, with The Guardian premiering its UK trailer today. Breathe In is the fifth film from Doremus, which once again premiered earlier this year at Sundance.

Starring Guy Pearce and Like Crazy’s Felicity Jones, the film follows Jones’ British exchange student Sophie, who happens to be a gifted pianist who is also very attractive. She draws the attention of Guy Pearce’s music teacher Keith, whose family is playing host to Sophie. Naturally, of course, a forbidden bond begins to form between Keith and Sophie and the dynamics within Keith’s household begin to change forever. Amy Ryan and Mackenzie Davis also star as Keith’s wife and daughter with Kyle MacLachlan rounding out the cast.

I wasn’t exactly a big fan of Like Crazy and this trailer for Breathe In really doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me. While it definitely looks beautiful and certainly has the potential for some solid dramatics and unbridled sexual tension between its two leads, it all seems as if we’re treading over rather familiar territory.

However, I could be wrong as the reviews that emerged during its festival run seem to indicate something far more engaging than the trailer is letting on, with THR saying that Doremus handles the melodramatic elements with “delicacy, restraint and a very grown up attitude.”

Breathe In is released in the UK on July 19th. No word yet on a US release date but we can probably expect one soon.

Check out the trailer below.