A Trailer For The Expendables 2 Trailer

Honestly, I’m not even going to bother complaining anymore. Whenever studios pull this “trailer for a trailer” stunt I always moan, groan and bitch about it. I think it’s terribly stupid and I really, really hate it. For some reason, it seems to be the new trend out there and I think that we’re going to see it more and more as time goes on. So, I’ve decided to stop complaining and just accept it. From now on, all major releases will have a “trailer for a trailer,” as stupid as that is.

The latest “trailer for a trailer” is in the form of The Expendables 2, a film that I’m really looking forward to seeing. Hosted by Terry Crews, the 30 second clip shows a few quick shots of explosions, that’s it. Of course, being a “trailer for a trailer,” its purpose is to promote the full trailer, which is coming tomorrow. Yup, that’s right, it’s one day away yet Lionsgate felt the need to release a “trailer for a trailer.”

If you care to watch it, it’s posted below for your viewing pleasures. If not, then hang on until tomorrow when the real deal comes out. We’ll be sure to post it on the site.

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