New Trailer For Exposed Keeps Things Under Wraps


Keanu fans, we have a problem. Remember when John Wick arrived, and we all got excited that this beloved icon of cinema seemed to have finally got his groove back? Well, that may have been a little premature, if the new trailer for Exposed is anything to go by. What began life as an intriguing tale of social issues and spirituality, titled Daughter Of God, seems to have metamorphosed into a run-of-the-mill film about corruption and scowling police officers.

Previous trailers for the film have included snippets of strange visions, experienced by a mysterious female character, played by Ana de Armas, but these are absent from this latest preview footage. Coupled with a lack of a release date, this odd change of direction raises the question of whether a final cut for the film actually exists, or whether discontent behind the camera has been, well, exposed.

The synopsis keeps emphasis on the Ana de Armas character:

“After witnessing a miracle, a young Latina woman (de Armas) experiences strange things, as a police detective (Reeves) searches for the truth behind his partner’s death.”

However, the new trailer keeps the focus on police corruption, with Reeves being pulled in several directions on the issue of justice for his deceased colleague. There are suggestions that the life of the de Armas character might be in danger as a witness, but the religious implications hinted at with regard to the wider conspiracy are missing – replaced by suspicious snippets of Mira Sorvino’s grieving widow character.

The movie was originally reported as being written and directed by newcomer Declan Dale but, as the project underwent a name change, it has since been credited to Gee Malik Linton, with producer Cassian Elwes as a co-writer. Such back-room machinations do not bode well for Exposed as a potentially finished product – particularly when such uninspired trailers are delivered.

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