New Trailer For Human Centipede Director’s Next Film Will Leave You Disturbed

Human Centipede

Now that Dutch director Tom Six is all done with his name-making Human Centipede trilogy, he looks set to double down on his scandalous reputation with The Onania Club, a film which he’s already said will be “one of the most vile, inhumane movie experiences of all time.” And you know what? We believe him.

Some may call Six an artful provocateur while others think he’s a purveyor of trash, but however you might feel about him, it seems as if he could care less. That’s been made abundantly clear in this new trailer for The Onania Club. Likely to push buttons and leave you feeling disturbed, the footage on display here is definitely a bit uncomfortable to watch. Of course, Six is obviously making some sort of social commentary once more with his latest effort, and from what we can see in this new preview, it’ll definitely be another provoking feature from the filmmaker.

Explaining the core theme of The Onania Club, here’s what the director had to say:

“The movie’s main theme is ‘Schadenfreude, which means taking pleasure out of other people’s misery. It is a social commentary on the ever-growing political correctness in the privileged Western world and the hypocrisy of that.

According to a prior statement from Six, his next effort will be more of a psychological horror flick, as opposed to what we saw with The Human Centipede, which was body horror.

“My latest movie deals with human vileness on many levels. Its main theme is ‘schadenfreude’, an emotion that philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer called: ‘the most evil sin of human feeling’ and ‘diabolic’. Where The Human Centipede trilogy is mostly body horror; [this one] deals with this pure psychological horror.”

While it’s nice to hear that Six isn’t just serving up this stuff for his own enjoyment and is doing it to make some kind of social commentary, it’s pretty clear from this trailer and the last one that The Onania Club is going to be another very controversial movie from the divisive director when it touches down in theaters next year and once we get an exact release date, we’ll be sure to let you know.