Another New Trailer for Jon Favreau’s Cowboys And Aliens

The new trailer for Cowboys & Aliens doesn’t show the film’s aliens, but it gets pretty close. It also has way less story and way more action than previous trailers, and we’re shown more Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell, which is never a bad thing.

Based on the 2006 graphic novel by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Cowboys & Aliens, stars two cowboys (Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford) who must decide that this town is, in fact, big enough for the two of us, and they must join together to fight aliens. I assume.

The film takes place in 1873 Arizona, also known as the Wild Wild West, where Jake Lonergan (Craig), wakes up with no memories and a strange device on his wrist. He quickly learns that he is an alleged criminal in the local town, before aliens step in and cause the town to re-prioritize.

Director Jon Favreau has clearly made a name for himself, spanning across all genres with films like Elf, Zathura, and Iron Man. His ability to make fantastic films without nailing down a genre makes him the perfect director to make a film that combines a Western with a sci-fi alien flick.

Cowboys & Aliens will be shown at Comic-Con before being released in theaters on July 29th.

This trailer has a serious lack of Paul Dano, but it’s entertaining nonetheless. Check it out below.