New Trailer For Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia

Could this be the birth of Lars von Trier, the grown up filmmaker? A trailer has debuted for his next film Melancholia, a film that arrived with the tagline: ‘A beautiful movie about the end of the world’. The film itself however looks to be a beautifully photographed and intense character drama which uses science fiction contrivances as simply a backdrop. It looks stunning and the cast all look to be on top form. Von Trier is a known provocateur with films such as Breaking the Waves and Antichrist, but this is showing ever growing signs of maturity for the enfant terrible who continues to stun critics with his apparent hatred towards women. This, as said, looks different, and all the better for it.

Check out the trailer below, the film is expected to debut at Cannes this year and will be released in the Fall.

Melancholia from Zentropa on Vimeo.

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