First Trailer For Live-Action Monster Hunter Movie Leaks Online


Thanks to the landmark success of Monster Hunter World – be sure to check out our review – things have been looking up for Capcom’s prestigious RPG series. To date, it’s already sold well over 12 million copies, and with the franchise’s popularity at an all-time high, Screen Gems and Resident Evil writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson have teamed up to adapt it for the big screen.

Late last year, filming for Monster Hunter began in Cape Town, South Africa, with principal photography wrapping up just before the Christmas holidays. There are plenty of big names attached to the project, too. Other than Anderson in the director’s chair, the cast list includes Milla Jovovich (who some will remember from the aforementioned RE films), master martial artist Tony Jaa, Clifford “T.I.” Harris, and Hellboy veteran Ron Perlman.

It’s not entirely clear what everyone’s roles are, but going by the movie’s IMDb page, it looks like Jovovich and Perlman will play members of a United Nations military team that get transported to an alternate dimension teeming with giant monsters. Jaa, whose character is simply known as The Hunter, is speculated to be a master at taking down these gargantuan creatures. There’s still a lot that’s up in the air, then, but thankfully, fans now have a new trailer to feast their eyes on.


Apparently, never-before-seen footage was shown off at the Shanghai International Film Festival, and it seems one audience member made their own bootleg recording. Unfortunately, it’s an off-screen capture, but an official version of the trailer is bound to surface in the coming weeks.

Until then, you can check out the leaked footage above and keep watching this space for additional news and updates regarding Monster Hunter as they come down the pipeline.

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