First Trailer For Miley Cyrus’ So Undercover

Fans of LOL (whether real or sarcastic) – brace yourselves. The first trailer for Miley Cyrus‘ new film So Undercover, where Cyrus plays a teenage spy who goes undercover for the FBI at a sorority, has been released. Her FBI confidant is played by Jeremy Piven, whose dialogue is at the exact level one would assume for such a film. (Remember when he was winning Emmy Awards?)

So Undercover is directed by Tom Vaughan (What Happens in Vegas) and co-written by Allan Loeb (Here Comes the Boom), so expect the overall quality to be somewhat similar to their previous work. As far as former-teen Disney stars go, that’s not too shabby for Cyrus, and the trailer for So Undercover looks slightly more commercially promising than LOL.

Tragically, So Undercover has yet to receive a release date in the United States, but the film will hit theaters in the UK in December. Australians can also catch So Undercover on the big screen, as of Oct. 5. While I’m unsure as to why there isn’t an American release date yet, it seems unsurprising that a Miley Cyrus film wouldn’t play in American theaters. I mean, we showed LOL in a few, so why not?

Here’s a solid synopsis of the film, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Miley Cyrus stars as Molly, a private investigator who chose to leave high school to work with her father (Mike O’Malley), a former police officer. Together their days are filled with busting cheating spouses and taking down petty thieves. However, her life unexpectedly changes when she is approached by an FBI agent (Jeremy Piven) to go undercover in the one place they’re unable to infiltrate, and a world she knows nothing about… a university sorority.

Check out the trailer for So Undercover below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments.