First Trailer For Money Monster Teases A Taut Thriller


Though her last effort behind the camera wasn’t so well received (The Beaver), Jodie Foster is taking another stab at directing with Money Monster, and she’s assembled quite the cast. Starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, the film centers on a man who hijacks a live broadcast and takes hostages after a financial investment goes south.

“The film is not a polemic,” Foster tells EW. “It’s really about the brotherhood that forms between these two men who thought they were on opposite sides, who hated each other, until they realize they’re both fighting for the same thing.”

From the looks of it, Money Monster is going to be a taut and topical thriller, one which will no doubt be bolstered by strong performances. It’s hard to tell just how political Foster is going to be here, but the direction she’s headed in certainly looks interesting and as of now, we’re very intrigued.

Along with the trailer, we also got several photos from the film, which show off Clooney, Roberts and Foster. You can check them out via the gallery below:

Money Monster opens on May 13th. Take a look at the first trailer above and the official plot summary below and let us know what you think.

In the taut and tense thriller Money Monster, Lee Gates (George Clooney) is a bombastic TV personality whose popular financial network show has made him the money wiz of Wall Street. But after he hawks a high tech stock that mysteriously crashes, an irate investor (Jack O’Connell) takes Gates, his crew, and his ace producer Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) hostage live on air. Unfolding in real time, Gates and Fenn must find a way to keep themselves alive while simultaneously uncovering the truth behind a tangle of big money lies.

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