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Theater Employees Summon A Sex Demon In Trailer For New Fangoria Horror Comedy

The first trailer for Fangoria's new horror comedy sees a group of movie theatre employees accidentally summon a sex demon by watching a film.


The first trailer and poster have been released for Porno, the latest effort from Fangoria. Set entirely within in an old-school movie theatre in 1992, the story sees a quintet of nerdy employees close up late one night and discover a mysterious film reel in the basement that turns out to be porn, revealed to be a hidden remnant of the cinema’s seedy past, which comes with the unexpected side effect of summoning a sex demon.

The retro setting is likely to allow the story to take place in a time before the internet, when access to pornography was far more complex than a few keyboard strokes, meaning the titular film may well be the first porn the teenage protagonists have ever seen. For those of you too young to remember such a time, you honestly don’t know how good you have it.

The flashes of the filth in question look like something from the ‘70s that smut peddlers like Jean Rollin or Jess Franco might have had a hand in, gauche and surreal tales of the fantastical and horrific featuring copious amounts of sex, nudity and other adult fun times. The only difference being that this one comes with an alluring demon who wants to induct viewers in the pleasures of the flesh, presumably in exchange for their souls since that’s usually how scenarios such as these play out.

Porno is being distributed by Fangoria, who’ve recently released such other entertaining rides as Satanic Panic, a modern and darkly comedic take on virgin sacrificing devil worshippers; VFW, an Assault On Precinct 13-like take of aging veterans holding off an army of punk mutants; and Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, the latest installment of the unkillable franchise of murderous Nazi dolls.

From the trailer, Porno looks like it’ll be the same kind of twisted, gory and sordid fun for which Fangoria can be relied on, and you can decide for yourself when the movie is released on VOD on May 8.

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