First Rambo V: Last Blood Trailer Leaks From Cannes Film Festival


A couple of weeks ago, the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival kicked off, and celebrities and filmmakers from all over descended upon the south of France for two weeks of wining, dining, and of course, watching new movies. Over 20 entries competed for the prestigious Palme d’Or – including Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – and aside from screenings, plenty of distribution and production deals were undoubtedly inked behind the scenes.

While it might seem out of place for a festival which places emphasis on artistry, it’s interesting to hear that Rambo V: Last Blood made an appearance. Veteran screenwriter and actor Sylvester Stallone went to Cannes, not only to promote the new movie but to attend an event to celebrate his work and contribution to the industry, where it was announced that First Blood would be getting a 4K restoration. In addition, attendees got a sneak peek at some promotional images of the fifth film in the series, and it seems a select few even got a rare glimpse at an unreleased trailer, which has now leaked online and can be seen above.

Though it doesn’t show us a whole lot, the teaser provides a look at a much older John Rambo, as he prepares himself for one last fight. And it definitely looks like it’ll be a bloody one.

As of now, there aren’t too many details about the film’s plot other than a basic outline which has been circulating online for a while now. From what we know, the aging Vietnam veteran will team up with a reporter in order to save a girl, who’s been kidnapped by a ruthless drug cartel in Mexico.

Although Stallone recently shared a behind the scenes look of the movie’s production, it’s not entirely sure when Lionsgate will officially release the above trailer for Rambo V: Last Blood onto the web, but in the meantime, this leaked version will have to do and should be enough to get folks excited before the action hero returns to theaters on September 20th.