Watch: Trailer For Chinese Horror Blood Shark 3D Teases Lots Of Scares

Blood Shark 3D

There are a great many things that shark movies can be described as, but very rarely will you hear one referred to as boring. Case in point: Chinese horror film Blood Shark 3D (aka Horror Shark 3D), a trailer for which is available and promises to be just as demented as you could wish.

You might think that the titular creatures are so called because of an enhanced sense of smell that outstrips even standard sharks’ legendary nose for blood, or perhaps that they’ve been transformed into some kind of sub-aquatic vampire that must devour the blood of oceanic life to survive. But it’s actually simpler and potentially even more stupid than that. You see, the sharks in this move are referred to as such because they’re the color of blood. I want this film so much.

Blood Shark is the first-ever 3D shark pic released in China and also a full production of the nation. The trailer is, obviously, in Mandarin and has no English subtitles, but if you choose to read a story like this and your biggest takeaway is that you don’t know what the humans are saying, I think you’re entirely missing the point.

The plot revolves around some nonsense about a swimmer and a marine trainer finding themselves caught in a conspiracy surrounding the titular mutants, but what we’re here for is shark attack carnage, and it looks like the film will deliver and then some. To be honest, the effects seen in the trailer aren’t the best, more or less on par with your average Syfy monster movie, but the schlockiness of the visuals contrasted against actors taking it all very seriously will be part of the fun.

There’s no word on when, or indeed if, we can expect Blood Shark 3D to be released stateside, but until we receive such information, just feast your eyes upon the crimson killers and revel in their lunacy.