New Trailer For Rob Zombie’s The Lords Of Salem

Sure, so Rob Zombie may not be the best director around but some of his stuff isn’t too bad. He kind of butchered the Halloween series but when he works with his own material, the results are sometimes pretty decent. I, for one, loved The Devil’s Rejects and even House of 1000 Corpses and The Haunted World of El Superbeasto had their moments. The director’s newest film, The Lords of Salem, will once again find him working off his own material and today, we have  a new trailer for the movie.

It looks like some pretty creepy stuff and it sets up the story pretty well, which revolves around a DJ (played by Sheri Moon Zombie) “who receives a musical gift that appears to have awoken a powerful coven of witches.” The eerie and striking trailer definitely has my attention and despite some moments that look a bit hokey, I think this one has the potential to scare.

Admittedly, it looks more like something that would be successful in the 80s, rather than in the current day and age, but like I said, I’ve found something to like in all of Zombie’s original works and even in his Halloween films, which were mostly garbage, I still found a few redeeming elements.

So, for now, I’ll hold out hope that The Lords of Salem will turn out to be alright. Zombie’s brand of horror may not be for everyone, but as it stands, I’m willing to give this guy a chance as I’ve found all of his previous efforts to be, at the very least, intriguing. Besides, there’s a lot worse out there when it comes to horror.

The Lords of Salem opens on April 19. Check out the trailer and the first poster below and let us know what you think. Are you excited for Rob Zombie’s newest film? Are you a fan of his? Have you enjoyed his previous movies? Sound off in the comments below!