The First Trailer For Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand Debuts

With one-liners, plenty of firepower and a heavy dose of unavoidable nostalgia, the first trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s solo comeback project The Last Stand is here and frankly, I’m downright giddy with the thought of seeing the Governator back on the big screen after his political hiatus.

With Forrest Whitaker, Johnny Knoxville and Rodrigo Santoro also starring (from the great South Korean director Kim Ji-woon), this will be a eclectic effort in terms of cast and if the trailer is any indication, a huge heaping pile of fun that should play right into Schwarzenegger’s strengths: plenty of quips and plenty of ass-kickery.

The one thing I hope will be avoided across the comeback slate for the Austrian Oak (which also includes The Tomb and Breacher) is the overuse of age references and nods to his past works. It fits in a B-movie ensemble like The Expendables (which is poking fun as much as it having fun) but let’s not make it a staple of the man’s efforts to come.

The Last Stand will find Schwarzenegger as the grizzled Sheriff Ray Owens, the lawmaker of the small southern dive by the name of Sommerton Junction, relegated to the boondocks after a botched operation during his time with the LAPD. However, following an escape from the FBI, a drug kingpin, heavily armed members of his gang, and a hostage are all heading toward his town where the police are preparing to make a last stand before they cross the border.

The trailer for The Last Stand is rumoured to be attached to this Friday’s The Expendables 2 (also starring Arnie) with its release date set for January 18.

Tell us what you think, are you ready to see Schwarzenegger kick ass again?

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