New Trailer Showcases The Directorial Debut Of Chris Evans, Before We Go


Many argue that homage is the highest form of flattery – especially when it comes to film. If that is indeed the case, then Richard Linklater should be experiencing some extreme ego-inflation right about now – for Captain America himself has clearly chosen to tip his shield to the legendary indie director’s Before Sunrise with his directorial debut, Before We Go.

With Evans also taking the lead role, and Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness) as his co-star, this romantic tale comes from the writer of Rain Man – Ronald Bass – along with Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair (both screenwriters of the Chris Evans movie Playing It Cool), as well as Jen Smolka (The Good Cook).

You can check out the official plot synopsis below:

“Flustered and fearful after a brush with a mugger, Brooke (Alice Eve) races through Manhattan’s Grand Central Station, desperate to catch the night’s last Boston-bound train. She fails to make it in time, and inadvertently succeeds in catching the eye of Nick (Evans), a busker, who is immediately enthralled. Their chance encounter leads to an intimate odyssey through nocturnal New York, and as Brooke’s initial wariness gives way, she and Nick prove keenly attuned to one another’s personal struggles. But, while their connection is undeniable, a major complication looms: another train will be along in the morning, and Brooke has a husband awaiting her return.”

The trailer showcases what seem to be two very engaging performances from Evans and Eve respectively – something that is surely testament to both the talent of the leads, as well as that of Evans as director. The film looks wonderful, thanks to the cinematography of John Guleserian (About Time), and Evans’ choice to allow for movement and distance in the camera-work – creating a charming sense of growing intimacy. However, there is an undeniable feeling that the film as a whole may be suffering from significant script issues.

The reason that Before Sunrise succeeds – to the extent that it is a fiercely beloved piece of work that spawned an equally beloved trilogy – is because there is not one single moment of it that feels in any way contrived. Its meticulous script drapes lightly around the two leads – Celine and Jesse – as they gently and subtly dance around their unexpected and deepening connection. The trailer for Before We Go suggests that, though Evans may have an impressively deft touch as both director and actor, he would perhaps be better served by a stronger screenplay.

With such obvious parallels to the premise of Linklater’s masterpiece, comparisons between it and Before We Go are inevitable. Whether those comparisons are ultimately found to be favourable or not can be discovered on the VOD release of Before We Go on July 21st, 2015, and its limited theatrical run, beginning on September 4th, 2015.