New Trailer For White House Down Exploits Explosions And Rocket Launchers


When I saw that Roland Emmerich, the man who has nearly destroyed the world several times (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012) and my soul at least once (Anonymous) had made a movie about terrorists or some-such taking over the White House, I was not particularly optimistic. Nor did the first White House Down trailer give me much cause for hope. But then the second trailer came along and I’m … I’m a little excited.

This trailer makes White House Down look a wee bit like Die Hard To The Chief; and Channing Tatum’s aspirant Secret Service agent John Cale looks a wee bit like John McClane. This is not a complaint, mind you.

John Cale winds up having to protect the President (Jamie Foxx) and save his own daughter (Joey King) from some nefarious paramilitary dudes. There are lots of explosions and rocket launchers and fighting bad guys and the President totally kicks some ass. That’s what I took away from this trailer.

All of which is not at all a bad thing. Despite the current preponderance of ‘taking over the White House’ films (Olympus Has Fallen, which in my mind is a preponderance), this one actually looks like fun. Tatum and Foxx are both enjoyable actors to watch, and apparently Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Woods, Jason Clarke and Richard Jenkins are along for the ride too. So although I still harbor some misgivings about a movie ‘from the director of 2012’, I’m willing to give White House Down a chance on the strength of this trailer alone.

White House Down will hit theatres June 28, 2013.

Check out the crazy trailer below and let us know what you think about Emmerich’s foray into yet another disaster movie. How many times is this dude going to blow up the White House?