New Trailers For The Rise Of Skywalker And The Mandalorian May Debut Next Week


While there was plenty to get excited about at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con – including a full unveiling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fourth phase – Star Wars fans were left in the dust. Despite a handful of announcements regarding Disney’s other franchises, we didn’t hear a peep about The Rise of Skywalker or The Mandalorian, both of which are set to premiere later this year.

Still, even though SDCC might have been a bit of a disappointment to some, it looks like there’s good news on the horizon. Next week, starting on August 23rd, the official sixth D23 Expo kicks off from the Anaheim Convention Center in California, and some are speculating that the House of Mouse plans to unveil new trailers for the ninth mainline Star Wars film and the upcoming Disney Plus TV show.

As EpicStream reports, a new post from Twitter account Star Wars Stuff mentions a Rise of Skywalker clip will be previewed on August 24th, while a sneak peek at The Mandalorian will be premiering the day before. Of course, this news should be taken with an ounce of skepticism (since Disney has yet to confirm anything), but it does seem likely.

After all, the company’s streaming service will be fully unveiled at the expo. Seeing as how The Mandalorian is scheduled to be the first piece of original programming to air on the platform (alongside High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, which could really benefit from a more concise name), it only makes sense that it would be shown off. Similarly, with The Rise of Skywalker due out in four months, this might be the right time to start promoting it in full force.

Of course, these are unconfirmed rumors, but we’d be surprised if we didn’t see at least one of the speculated trailers next week. In any case, we’ll be covering news from D23 as it trickles out, so be sure to check back for more updates in the coming days.