Transformers 4 Will Be Michael Bay’s Last

Michael Bay loves blowing stuff up so much that it didn’t really surprise anyone when he agreed to make Transformers 4, even with word that it would feature an entirely new cast (of humans, at least). Now, Hero Complex has learned that number four will definitely be Bay’s last.

In a story all about the new (and apparently really darn impressive) Transformers ride at Universal Studios California (a project Bay was a creative consultant on), the director dropped news of his personal timetable with the Autobots and Decepticons as well as a few other tidbits regarding the direction of the franchise.

For one, Bay confirmed the new cast of humans, though I recommend not to go on expecting to hear Jason Statham‘s name come up again. As for the bots, he says there will be some redesign. If that surprises you, I suggest directing your confusion to the toymakers over at Hasbro.

Lastly, Bay hints at what we’ve suspected for some time, that this film will jumpstart a new trilogy, as he says part of his job is setting it up “for the next guy.”

Not so fast there, Mr. Bay. I for one would would not at all mind seeing Kathryn Bigelow take on Transformers.